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 Al Chalk is infinitely so much more than just your average working musician. He is also a prolific songwriter and producer as well. For over four decades he has honed his percussive  "chops" on the road and in the studio with a host of Latin, Pop, Jazz and R&B legends. Topping the list are music luminaries such as Barry White, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.


Al, a multi-instrumentalist and percussionist extraordinaire who originally hails from New York City, has been composing and producing music for more than a quarter century.

In the past few years, Al has primarily concentrated his time writing and recording global music in the truest sense. To create his new music, Al traveled extensively throughout the expanse continents of Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Canada, as well as over 20 U.S. cities. Utilizing all the advanced technology available, Al was able to capture live performances of all the talented musicians and artists he worked with in each exotic locale. Although rarely a common practice in the record industry, Al intuitively chose to record most of the basic tracks 'on the fly' with his studio-to-go setup, as well as recording at various studios worldwide.The results of his efforts can now be heard as he proudly launches his first world fusion album, "United States of Us," through his newly formed indie consortium, Booby Trap Entertainment Group.


Al masterfully fuses elements of Pop, Jazz, African and Latin. The result is a rich, bold and superbly unique sound often attempted, but rarely ever captured on many of today's recordings. 


"There is something deep in the human spirit that connects us all in this world, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender...that something is our appreciation of music. It unites us, nourishes us and enriches our matters...therefore life matters. So celebrate your life each day with the sound of the music you love"   Al Chalk 


Al promises that this exciting new album will take you the listener on a incredible musical journey that you won't soon forget. The highly anticipated "United States of Us" is now available for purchase and is downloadable just a click away below from online stores such as CD Baby, iTunes, GooglePlay and at this site on his custom flash drives in the recently opened Signature Swag Shop

From the smash album comes the hit single...Vanessa

VANESSA - Al Chalk
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